Axminster Upholstery



Any item of Furniture can be reupholstered. We reupholster suites, chairs, and antique furniture such as Chaise Longue's etc. We also re-upholster head boards which can even include custom made ones, in fact the list is endless!


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Over the years we have rebuilt many treasured family heirlooms, the wood can be repolished and new Horse Hair fitted with wool overpadding all in the traditional fashion. Also, some customers want pieces tacked, again we are happy to oblige.


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All forms of repair can be carried out, be it springs or frames, even castors. Spring units can be made and supplied to order after measurement. The commonest springs being coil & Serpentine all pose no problem.


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Cushion replacement:

All interiors for seat cushions are usually done from stock. If we don't have it in stock we can get it delivered swiftly. Seat cushions will come with stockinette and Dacron as standard covering. we can quote for boats cushions, caravan cushions or any item you require.


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Dining Room seats:

Dining room seats are usually recovered and repadded with a vast range of fabrics to choose from including Romo Linwood Singleton, A&C Valmic. Everything that is available for suites is also available for smaller seats.




Many vehicles have passed through our workshop over the years, some classics include:


  • Ford Mustang
  • Sunbeam Alpine Wolsely Hornet (Heinze) convertible by Crayford.
  • Jaguar MK2
  • Truimph TR5
  • MGB both GT & Roadster
  • Hillman Convertible
  • Vintage Bentley MK6
  • Essex Terraplane
  • Austin 7 Ulster & Chummy, & Opel
  • Austin 10 vintage Morris van Triumph Roadster (1949)
  • 1930's Hillman Convertible


If there is an item you require making or recovering for your car give us a call.


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All types of boats from sailing yachts to Power Boats, everything in the upholstery department can be taken care of, even renewing the foam.


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